22 August 2012

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

You see, because they [pastors in the church] are admonished by their own example of human frailty and weakness, they use greater gentleness and mildness toward those who are weak in faith and have been caught in a fault.—Blessed Johann Gerhard, The Ministry, p. 264.

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Joanne said...

I have often noticed that for myself and many others, the pastors that interact with us laity on the Internet and glogs have indeed followed Blesses Gerhard's kind advice. I'm more likely to speak my mind and say what I'm really thinking when I know the pastor will be gentle with me if I've completely missed the mark. Almost every day, I experience pastors being gentle with those of us who have been taught lots of our religion, but may not have the clearest understanding of the issues. I notice and I'm sure many of us notice the gentleness and the firmness in getting us to understand better without feeling embarrassed about not getting it so good the first time around. You pastors are being gentle and we do notice and appreciate it so we need not fear talking openly with kind and knowldgeable men.