23 November 2012

A Different Thanksgiving

The joys of the day: singing in the choir with the bells; the beautiful thanksgiving hymns and also Matins; family gathered around the table being typically obnoxious with lots of laughter; liverpool (even though Meaghan was most unkind and beat us all - massively, I mean, massively).

The sorrows of the day: the missing folk (Dean, Lauren, Sawyer—though we did get to Facetime) and seeing how difficult it was for poor Jo (even eating and drinking can come as a challenge not to mention holding onto her cards).

Figuring things out in the new (and smaller) space was a bit of a challenge. We used a buffet approach and that worked well. Our dining area is impossibly tight when the table is opened all the way, so without loading the table with the food, we were able to keep it a size smaller and leave all the food on the counter.

Thoughts for future Thanksgivings or Christmases: we're heading for simpler.  Less food (I think I've given up on stuffing or dressing - Cindi and I are about the only ones who eat it; and four pies for 8 people just because each kid has a different "favorite must have"? Um, no. Now we've got pies sitting around the house that no one will eat - think they'll end up next door. Dave has a sweet tooth.).  Two tables for cards instead of 8 people playing a single game to speed things along (the Turkey effect was well underway before we came close to finishing).

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