21 November 2012

Because Jamie asked..

...Thanksgiving menu at the Weedon household this year:

Breakfast: choice of ham/egg/cheese muffins and cheese cake muffins

Matins at Church (have to be there by 8:15 to practice with choir) for the spiritual repast - service at 9

Appetizers after Church:
Smoked salmon, almond thins, brie and sundry other cheeses

Main Meal:
Trader Joe's Turkey, paleo stuffing (sweet taters, apples, celery, onion, bacon, sausage, cranberries, pecans and assorted other goodies), mashed taters, gravy, creamed spinach, broccoli, cranberry almond muffins or pumpkin muffins (she's still debating about that), sweet potato soufflé

None paleo: Pecan pie, cherry pie, chocolate pie; Paleo: pumpkin pie in walnut crust

Of course, coffee, tea, wine served generously throughout!

And the greatest treat of all? Jo will be joining us! She's been in the rehab facility since her surgery back at beginning of October. Looks like she'll only be there for another week and then home for good, but she's even gonna try to make church tomorrow and then here for the feast.

Much for which to thank the Giver of all good!

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