05 November 2012

Whirlwind Week

Had a great time at the International Conference for Confessional Lutheranism. Truly one of the greatest things was hearing the same confession of faith come tripping out of tongues from literally all ends of the earth. Glory to God!

Attending to worship matters complicated by my own native inability to sit still left me missing some of the presentations, but the ones that I was able to attend to were all quite outstanding.

Moments that stick in the mind: the beautiful singing and music leadership of our music team and the joyous Reformation fest at Faith Lutheran Church with President Harrison's strong Gospel proclamation from Romans 3... how many times the speakers hearkened back to the calling of Abraham as foundational for mission... Our emphasis upon the "Means of grace" as true Lutheran treasure... Although he did not use these words, McGrath seemed to suggest that Luther's theological approach was essentially iconic: where all things are viewed in and out from the image of the Cross of our Lord... The joys of hearing the Our Father and the Apostles Creed prayed and confessed in so many tongues... A lot more, but that gives a bit of flavor for the event. I was truly blessed to be able to attend and serve as Chaplain.

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