17 November 2012

Saturday This-N-That

Last evening Cindi, Bek and I headed over to meet Dave at Jo's rehab facility and enjoyed a game of Liverpool. Slept in a tad this morning, and then got to Facetime with Sawyer and Lauren. We made some pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Cindi cut my hair, and then she and Dave set to work on finishing the shelves in the basement. I think they came out great:

Cindi recreated the shelves that used to be in the parsonage basement!

Meanwhile I fixed Bekah's toilet paper holder; swept and mopped in the kitchen; vacuumed; polished brass candlesticks and box (only once a year, and I don't think I did it last year!);

I remember those candlesticks on the organ in the living room of the Old House; cousin Loretta gave Cindi and me the brass box as a wedding gift—another old family piece.

 emptied and cleaned curio, then put stuff back in it; Bekah dusted for us and cleaned up her bathroom.

Went to pick up car after oil change, and then worked on computer stuff (finally caved for the convenience of iTune's Match in the Cloud). Cindi threw together a fabulous soup (kale, spinach, asparagus, garlic, onion, turkey stock, and lots of hot pepper) and then set down to work on the afghan for David and Meaghan which she'd been crocheting and finally finished it.

Wonder what the NEXT crocheting project will be?

Now she's off for an evening of bowling, Bek is baby-sitting and spending night with a friend, and I'm sitting here with the hound dog and the cat by the fire with a glass of wine. Treasury has brought us to the promises in Jeremiah and to the Passion in Matthew; and Walther was the Writing for today and he was brimming with the joy of atonement.  Vesper Psalm tonight was 89: "Blessed are the people who know the festal shout!" Right now am listening to Thrivent's recording of 16th century Lutheran Church music - some really fine pieces on that.

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