28 November 2012

What a delight!

One of the great joys of blogging is actually getting to MEET the folk you chat with across this marvelous medium. Last night who but George Marquart should breeze into town. He took Cindi and me out for dinner and then joined us for a glass of wine at home. What a fascinating man with such a history! Odd points of connection: he knew my pastor, George Lobien, from Lobien's Bronxville days; he is a sort of (it's complicated) cousin of the famous Orthodox theologian John Meyendorff (and told me how Meyendorff's grandfather planted a big statue of LUTHER on the family estate - they were originally Lutheran); he used to live in PARAMUS (which is right around the corner from where we lived during vicarage in Garfield). He does Russian as well as English and is just an all around delightful conversationalist. Joy indeed. And he left me a goodie to read - a rabbi's take on Matthew's Gospel. The evening went by way too quickly. What a joy!


Unknown said...

Dear Will, thank you for your kind words, and the hospitality of your home. It was a true joy to meet you, your dear wife, Cindi, your daughters, and the most beautiful baby in the world, Sawyer.

Thanks also for the Antiochian akathists you sent me. They are beautiful and they have a feeling of ancientness about them, even thou the writer died a mere 70 years ago. My guess is that the “ancient” feel comes from a structure of the words that has been imitated and copied for centuries. Do I sense a “Baruch ata Adonai” somewhere there?

Thanks again, and blessings to you and your family.


Unknown said...

PS.: If anyone is interested in seeing a picture of the Luther statue, here is a link:


The ironic thing is that the Soviets took it down around 1949 and melted it down to make a Stalin statue which stood in Tallinn until liberation. Now it lies in a storage area with similar abominations.