18 March 2015

It's been several years

since I took that Meyers-Briggs test. Tonight I went back and reread the description of INFJ and once again I came away shocked at how it nailed me. I had missed before the comment about internalizing stress to the point of sickness. Migraines, anyone? I remember thinking when I first took the test: "Yeah, they're written like a horoscope so that everyone will see themselves in it." But that's really not true. I remember pondering Cindi's and Sandy Bower's descriptions and laughing at how right one they were (though Cin was borderline on a few), and how they are NOT me. But it irked (well, irks) me that answering some stupid questions can give that kind of insight into a person. Anyway, irked or not, it is good to look into the mirror every once in a while.

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