10 March 2015


It was a wonderful time with dear friends and enjoying the beauty of God's awesome creation. It was sunny (for the most part), warm, and the trade winds never stopped. Only ran a 5-K on board the boat, but that was a lot of fun. Ran barefoot. Sadly, forgot to look at the time. But I wasn't racing. I was basking. The sun and the wind were just what the doctor ordered. 

Came back to Missionary Orientation. Cannot even begin to describe how much energy it brings to the building to have these folks with us. The IC chapel filled with little ones. The singing loud and boisterous. And best of all (for me) teaching the catechism. My favorite! This Friday will be the sending service at 2 p.m. Join us, if you're in the area. Missionary kids will be singing, we'll have Kantor Gerike on the organ and trumpets and trombone, but best of all: we'll have our Lord's Body and Blood for the remission of our sins.

Also realized how very much I had missed the radio show while away. A treat to be back on air and with John Lukomski as the guest. We truly did romp through the goodies of Matthew 28. 

So, back in the saddle and raring to go. Good thing too, given the packed schedule for this week. 

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