15 March 2015

This weekend...

...was the first since August of 1987 that Cindi and I have been empty nesters. Yup, Bekah moved into her apartment and it's just Cindi, Lucy and I wondering around the house. Dave still joins us for dinner, of course, but most of the time it's eerily quiet (Bekah has always been an explosion of energy - walking through the door and talking a hundred miles an hour!). Lucy was visibly upset when we moved out Bekah's bed; to be fair, it was always Lucy's bed too! She seems lost and sad, but she'll get ued to it again. Bekah moved out once before (when she was in school), but then David was here to keep her entertained and play with. 

So a new chapter really does begin for Cindi and me. Each previous one has held untold blessings and joys; I expect this new one will too. Still I can't help be a bit wistful and think of the line of Tolkein:

...and listen for returning feet
and voices at the door.


jgernander said...

Goblin Feet!

Anonymous said...

Goblin Feet! -- Jerry Gernander