23 March 2015

Who am I to turn down

money from Be Well, Serve Well? So this year, I went to the Dr. again so I could fill out my health profile and also get credit for the exam.

Now, mind you, I've been strictly living my primal way of life since last Advent. Sadly, by Thanksgiving, I'd crept back up to 165 or so, allowing myself way too many exceptions and never (since starting at the IC) getting back to regular exercise. But since then, it's been a different story. Every day, come rain or shine, 1/2 hour walk or run (thank you, Cindi, for getting us the treadmill for home—$25 used!). I've dumped eating lunch at work and spend the time walking on the treadmill or running outside and lifting once or twice a week. Have also been faithful with the sprints each Saturday. 

With food, I've really lowered (thank you, Angelo Coppela) fat by simply not ADDING any fat to my cooked food. No butter for the taters, and they STILL taste great! Most weeks, Cindi and I don't eat till Supper on Wednesdays and Fridays, allowing our bodies a full 24 hours to digest what we've been eating.

Anywho, results from the doc:

Blood pressure was 100/68
PSA was 1.2 (exactly where it was years ago, last time I did this)
HDL was 103
LDL was 92
Weight was 144 (I've hit as low as 141 this week!), with a height of 70 inches, waist of 30.
Percentage of body fat was 16
BMI was 20
Age: 54 (55 in October)

I've never felt better in my life. The only medicine I take is my Maxalt for migraines and that is not a daily medication by any stretch. 

Anywho, please consider all the above a commercial for Mark's Daily Apple and Angelo's Humans are Not Broken. Check them out! "It's not easy, but it is simple."

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