13 March 2015

The world will little note...

...the passing today of a great man: Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn. Never did Cape Girardeau, Missouri provide so great a gift to the Church. A Sasse scholar, a gentleman, a constant student and therefore an apt teacher, Dr. Feuerhahn was a blessing to so very many. I am blessed that he was a reader for my STM thesis, and I always enjoyed classes with him (which we jokingly called Sasse on... whatever the topic was!). May the comfort of Christ's resurrection fill his beloved wife and family with the peace that no sorrow can touch. Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen! And yes, though Lent, ALLELUIA!

Tremble now, O gates of hell, for his tremors are ended.
Christ has crowned His confessor with glory and honor
And brought him into His eternal splendor.
Though you sought, Satan, to ravage his body
you could not still his witness to the Savior's cross and triumph.
Faithful unto death he wears now the crown of life unending.
Glory to You, Lord Jesus, for Your unfailing love and kindness to Your servant, Ron!


Pastor Peasant said...

What a wonderful, gentle, and supportive man he was! I remember when he came to my church while on a visit to his daughter. Quite a surprise! But how supportive and kind he was. I never had him for class, but always enjoyed listening to him speak. He will be missed.

Phillip said...

Amen. He rests from his labors, and his legacy lives on in you and so in so many. He was a blessing to me as well. Deo Gracias

Trent said...

I had the joy of getting to know Dr. Feuerhahn over the years. I will always remember our shared meals at my home. He was so kind and gracious, a true gentleman and confessor of Christ Jesus.
"What earthly sweetness remains unmixed with grief? What glory stands immutable on the earth? All things are but feeble shadows, all things are most deluding dreams, yet one moment only, and death shall supplant them all. But in the light of Thy countenance, O Christ, and in the sweetness of Thy beauty, give rest to him whom Thou hast chosen, for as much as Thou lovest mankind." St. John of Damascus - Funeral Service