28 October 2016

As election day looms

This prayer might be of use. I wrote it some years back:

Holy Father, You know how divided we have been as a nation on so many public policy issues. Forgive us where we have failed to explain our neighbors’ actions in the kindest ways, when we let tempers flare and sully each others’ reputations. You have commanded us to pray for all our public servants and so we come to You now putting them all in Your omnipotent hands. Especially as we approach election day, we beg you: grant to the citizens of our nation wisdom to elect men and women who will serve our nation well, meeting the deep needs and persistent challenges before us. Help us as a people to turn to You, to learn from You, to value what You value and to prize what You prize. Without Your blessing, we will surely bring it all to ruin; with Your blessing, we will not fail. We ask all these things in the name of Him who gave His very life in love for us and for all, even Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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