18 October 2016

So today as I was enjoying my

noontime constitutional, I looked up. I like to look at the trees and this time of the year, what a glorious display is popping out everywhere. Only one problem. There's a wall along one side where I walk and when I'm looking at the trees I kept running into it. A rather obvious conclusion: my feet follow my eyes. Hmm. Spiritually? Where are my eyes? Because where my eyes, my focus if you will, is, there my feet, my life if you will, follows. The Psalmist must have understood this: "Turn my eyes from beholding worthless things" and "My eyes are ever toward the Lord" and "so our eyes are upon the Lord our God till He have mercy on us." Is not this the key to peace, to overflowing joy, and to having our feet walk in the right path? We love, because He first loved us. As we focus upon His love for us and hold steady the image of Christ Crucified in wonder and awe, where we see in golden letters "God is love" as the Hymn puts it, we end up walking toward Him, and that results in loving. It happens. Like me running into the wall because I was looking at the trees. Our feet follow our focus; our life does too.

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