09 October 2016

The Box vs. the Bottle

I used to be teased rather mercilessly by friends for my preference for boxed wines over bottles. It was really laziness back then, I think. Putting in the plug was simpler than dealing with recalcitrant corks. Well, that and the fun of saying to a friend whose wife grew up in Napa that I loved Napa because it reminded me so much of Franzia. Yuk, yuk.

But then we discovered the two-buck chuck (three buck or four buck chuck these days) at TJ's. Then to bottles it was.

Lately, we've moved back to the box. Bota Box. I'm a fan. It costs like the cheap stuff and yet tastes a grade or two above. And the compact size makes it a cinch to store. Another Mr. Money Mustache recommendation and a good one (like so many of the rest). Anyone else turned into Bota Box aficionado?

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