13 October 2016

Well, lookee there!

Celebrating the Saints cover art won an award. Sweet! Love the concept: it is Jesus who shines through the commemoration of His saints. Here are the judges’s comments:

We loved the stunning marriage of type and imagery on this cover. Christ appears subtly behind a carefully crafted wall of saint’s names. Still, your eye travels easily to the title and author. The overall impact is a very original and modern approach to a subject that’s both historical and current.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon who wrote this book and who did the cover art?

William Weedon said...

I wrote the book; Alex Ha, however, is the design artist for the cover.

Jonathan Schkade said...

It is, indeed, a beautiful cover. And I love how it makes you look more deeply. I have the book at home and am eager to dive in.