22 October 2016

Day's Wrap

What a lovely October day! Cin and I enjoyed our breakfast and bulletproof coffee and then headed out for a walk in the brisk air. Thermometer said it was 33 when we walked into the kitchen this morning, but the house was mid sixties. So far, we've not had to turn on our furnace, and we hope we can make it quite a while longer. We piled on layers and walked out into the country, up to Schien Road and back. Time for a bit more coffee, and then showers. We headed to town and dropped off a battery that needed disposal at Autozone, enjoyed lunch at 54th Street (we shared a meal together and walked out only having spent twenty three bucks while enjoying wonderful steak, caesar salad and sweet tatter fries!), over to Bestbuy (a bust; they didn't have the cable I needed), to Lowe's to pick up a new shower head (1.75 gpm flow) and an insulating blanket for our water heater, Marketbasket to pick up stump removal chemicals; Mojo's where we finally found that cable; Gingham Buffalo to say "hey!" to Bekah, and then home. Then the fix it projects began, interspersed with pushups. Tried out the new cable: totally works. I exchanged the shower head while Cindi dejunked and rearranged some in the basement. We tackled the blanket for the hot water heater together. Quick dinner of left overs. Cindi is bowling tonight and I spent the evening recording some songs, surfing the net, listening to music, and pumping up the bike tires for our trip to church tomorrow. A very productive day. I wish I'd gotten the stump underway, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't really wait till spring since it says it works best in warmer weather.

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