19 November 2016

Happy birthday, Clara!

Karen had a great idea: she thought she and John would surprise Clara (celebrating her 29th birthday...or something like that) with a trip to Cracker Barrell at which Cindi and I would also show up. We had gotten there early to get a table and alerted the wait staff that we had a very special lady coming in to celebrate her birthday. One lady wished Clara a happy birthday as she came in and Clara was clearly puzzled. When she saw Cindi and me, we both got huge Clara hugs! We sat down and proceeded to enjoy our meal together and to catch up. But unbenknownst to us, folks were watching our little party unfold. Some college aged young ladies were sitting at the table across from us and they were smiling. They got up and left to pay their bill, but then they showed back up with birthday presents for Clara: a bracelet and a snuggly scarf. She was flabergasted and we were all delighted as such a kind and generous and random act of kindness. I think the whole episode wore Clara out in a good way; she was pleased as punch. One of our kind waitresses took a pic of us at the end of the evening:

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