06 November 2016

What a day!

We started out this morning early with a quick rehearsal before the two Divine Services at St. Paul's. The Choir sang Introit and Gradual, but also "E'en So, Lord Jesus," "Blessing and Honor," and the Wolfe "For All the Saints" (stanzas 4 and 6). A truly joyous feast day. Then back to the house for Sunday brunch. Nine of us sat at table together (and Henry sat in his high chair) and enjoyed bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, peppers and carrots. Quick clean up, and then off to the seminary for the kick off service for the Anniversary Celebration. Wow and wow. The musicians absolutely outdid themselves. Kudos to Mark Bender for leading the mass choir, Jim Marriott for the organ, and the kids from Lutheran South's wind symphony. President Harrison delivered (or rather, let Luther deliver) a stunning homily: Rage on! We grabbed a brat after the Vespers, passed on the beer, and headed home. All Saints Mass and then Vespers. What more can a man ask for the perfect Sunday? I mean, think about it. We got to sing today:

Sing with All the Saints in Glory
For All the Saints
Behold, A Host
Jesus Sat with His Disciples
The Church's One Foundation
Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones

And then!

Thy Strong Word
A Mighty Fortress
Though all Our Life
Church of God, Elect and Glorious

Yup, that's a feast for the day. Our voices are shot! Think it will be an early bed time.

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