04 November 2016

I am always amazed

at how GREAT it feels to workout in a fasted state. Cindi and I usually skip Wednesday and Friday meals during the day, and just eat at night. So lunchtime is free time. I spent it today walking (already got my 10K steps +), doing pushups (I've settled in a pattern of 200 daily, but none of Sundays; my daughter-in-law the PT Dr. told me to stop doing as many as I had been), and then running sprints (which I try to run these days three times a week). The sprints still amaze me. I start out with an easy jog and until I reach a spot I've set, and then I sprint. How? By lifting high the knees and still running on my toes, staying perfectly upright and not leaning in. If anything leaning slightly back. First, you feel like you're going slowly and then WAM! Like the cartoons show, suddenly you're flying and without almost any conscious effort except keeping knees high and just pressing your internal throttle to go always a bit faster. I don't know how long these last. I just run between predetermined spots, and always try to run faster. I do eight sets of them. And when I need to replenish my water bottle at work, I walk down the stairs from the fourth to the first floor and fill it up in the fitness center and throw in a quick set of pullups. Today I've already hit 20 of those. And all this feeling absolutely fabulous because my body's not having to process new food; I'm still fine from what we ate last night because it was wholesome and nutritious and not filled with the usual toxic chemical stew that is modern processed food. Anyway, long time readers of this blog know I've been a big fan of following the Church's historic fasts. I still am. But these days I have to confess that I don't fast as an act of penitence or anything close to it. Gulp. I fast twice a week because it feels GREAT. And what goes for the workouts goes a thousand percent more for the mental work for the day. Fasting day is always productive day for work. If you've not tried intermittent fasting, it is really just an ancient piece of human wisdom that seems to work. Give it a whirl, but FIRST make sure you've nourished your body with REAL food, giving it the nutrition it needs. 

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Tim said...

I am glad to hear that fasting is much avail to you; even more so, that it has become a joy for you!

This post is timely, because I have been thinking about starting intermittent fasting, but am not sure where to start. Any practical tips and advice?