25 November 2016

I Came Across

this posting from nearly 10 years ago on the blog, on Dec. 15, 2006. It's a letter I wrote to my father. Only thing I'd change is to add that I wish he could know my grandkids too. 

Happy birthday, Daddy!
Dear Daddy,

Wow! I can't believe you'd be 86 today. I was thinking about you the other day when I was shaving - I realized that you were the age I am today when I was all of six years old. I tried to picture myself having a six year old right now, and it was not computing.

There are so many things that I want to write and tell you about. How I wish you could spend time with your grandchildren. I think they'd crack you up with their antics! Sometimes I just imagine about what it would be like for you and mom to pull up and spend the Christmas holidays with us. You'd love Lucy - of course I had to get a beagle. Beagles were your favorites, so they've always been mine too. And as for Cindi's cooking - hey, I know you guys thought Bonnie was an unbelievable cook, and she is, but I think Cindi gives her a run for the money. I picture you guys bustling into the house and sitting down (slightly uncomfortable, I know, at first, but then settling in). I picture you guys smiling as we join around the clavinova and sing carols and hymns. I remember how much you loved to hear Cindi sing. Of all the gifts you guys gave me over the years, there is none that I appreciate so much as the weekend I talked you into the piano and you went out and bought it for me. Remember how shocked mom was! But what a gift. It has been something that has brought me blessing for so many years. I always remember it was your kindness in giving into a teenager's whim that started me off on that path.

Speaking of Christmas, I know you would not approve of the tree. First, it's not a cedar. Second, it's not real. Third, there's not an icicle on it. I remember the care with which you always lifted off each icicle and hung it, branch by branch, and how stunning the tree looked when you were done. I never have had the patience, I confess. But we still have lots of the ornaments we used in our house on Munson Street. I think we even have some of those cheapo ones that mom picked up at Grand Union one year - they were green. Who do you think THAT was for, eh? And you'll never guess who usually sits under our tree! Giddyup. Yes, that old red horse is still around. It comes out for a visit every year. I think you gave it to me on that Christmas that I was three and you were 43. 

Well, I just wanted to write you on your birthday and let you know how much you are in my thoughts. You've been gone for so long, but I think I miss you more with each passing year. May God grant rest to your soul, daddy! 

I love you.


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