24 November 2016


As we gathered to eat the feast today, my thoughts went to this piece of artwork that hangs in our dining room. Charles gave it to me after Leola's death. He had heard me admire it in her home. It's Emmaus. The presence of Christ revealed at the table as the bread was broken. It reminds me always of there being something holy about gathering together around the table as we feast on the bounty of our heavenly Father's loving provision. Always we feast in the presence of an unseen Guest, or rather, Host, the Son who came among us to make us His bride and promises to bring us to the feast of which all our feasts are only teasing foretaste: the feast where we're gathered home at last, to the only home we will never lose and where the joys are eternal. Leola always loved to entertain. She had the true gift of hospitality. And I wonder if so much of that for her were not her recognition of the unseen Guest who is really our Host, of which this artwork is a reminder. Come, Lord Jesus, be our Guest...our Host.

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