23 December 2020

A rare joy...

...this morning I returned a call to an old family friend, Tommy Antonelli. It was sheer delight to share our joy in the Lord and to recall with fondness many who now have long since gone from this earth (but are not forgotten by God). 

I told him he had an outsized impact on my life, for when I was about to start college, and shared that I wanted to be a history teacher, he was like: “History teachers are a dime a dozen; find something else!” And I did! My service to the Church, in which my love of history could be combined with my love of theology and the Sacred Scriptures. Thank you, Tommy!

My mom and daddy thought the world of this man, and it was quite surprising to receive a phone message from him yesterday; and a joy beyond words to reconnect with him today. Though on very different ends of the theological spectrum, our joy in the Lord Jesus was a true connecting point (he’s a retired deacon in the Baptist communion), and I thank the good Lord for his friendship with our family throughout these many years. And we both agreed: my sister absolutely rocks!

You can read Tommy’s remembrance of my father and grandparents right here: https://weedon.blogspot.com/2007/10/another-trip-down-memory-lane.html

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