17 December 2020

Well, it’s been a while

...since I updated my trusty iPad Pro. It’s been an absolute workhorse. I’ve preached from it; done a convention or two and a worship conference on it and did Thy Strong Word (KFUO) on it for many a year; and it’s been my chief tool for my new job with Lutheran Public Radio. 

I decided it was time for an upgrade, though, and ordered an iPad Air 2020. I have only had it for a few hours and already I absolutely LOVE this thing! Its form factor is much better than the big and clunky 12.9 inch, yet it doesn’t feel cramped at all. The screen is truly a joy to work with and the magic keyboard is downright magical! I’m even getting used to a trackpad again.

I’ve written the last podcast before I start back to work on January 4th, and finished the sermons I need to deliver on the old device, but I can tell you already it will be an absolute joy to write on this new one. I erased and shipped the old one off as a trade in this afternoon. And since I’m off for two weeks, I look forward to learning the new device thoroughly through PLAY rather than through work! :)

Blessed Advent and merry Christmas folks! Not sure how much I’ll be posting in the next two weeks. I imagine it will be some, but not regularly. 

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