20 December 2020

More iPad Reflections...

...I think it was back when I was still using the Mini that I realized that I didn’t honestly need any other computer. Oh, there was the odd time or two, but my administrative assistant at the time (Deaconess Bowers) always came through for me. I got so used to the iPad being my only computer that I’ve all but forgotten HOW to operate a laptop. I’m always reaching up to the screen to do something whenever I have to deal with a laptop.

With the iPad Pro, I really was done with conventional computers. Wrote a couple books on it, numerous articles and so on. It’s a great writing machine. It’s only disadvantage was its humungo size. Using it on an airplane, for example, was always a bit of a compromise. And then there were the smart keyboards. I don’t know why, but I seem to carry excess body acid and give me a few years with a standard keyboard and I just erase the letters. I did this with numerous keyboards over the years. My son, by the way, has the same issue. I finally got tired of it, and got a Zagg keyboard case. It worked well. It charged from the iPad Pro. It was backlighted. All nice features. But it INCREASED the clunkiness of the devise. A bit of a nagging irritant, it made the thing less of a joy to write on and work with. And it’s “kickstand” was always cutting into my leg if I were wearing shorts. 

But now with this iPad Air 2020 and the Magic Keyboard...all those issues have simply vanished. Well, the letters may still disappear over time, I suppose. But the iPad is an absolute delight to write on; holds its charge all day; and the magic keyboard is simply the best typing experience I’ve had yet on an iPad. It rocks. 

And it all confirms me once again in my choice so many years ago to be done with laptops or desktops. I have my iPad and my iPhone (well, and I suppose my watch). With these I really can do my entire workflow. And Apple’s free apps are the bomb for getting it all done. I track the podcasts in Numbers (which exports just fine to Excel); I write in Pages (and export to Word for Deaconess and for Craig); I manage my workload in the little Notes app that comes built in to the iPad and syncs instantly with the iPhone. The screen on the iPad Air is gorgeous and very easy on the eyes. I can easily have two apps open side by side and work between them (I usually do when writing a podcast; the Blue Letter Bible App and Pages). 

To me the appeal of the whole Apple ecosystem is the utter simplicity and, yes, because “it just works.” For instance, transferring data was as simple as bringing the new iPad near to my old iPad Pro and clicking a few permission questions. It was so painless I still can’t believe it. I had everything on the Air and off the old Pro and the Pro to the store to ship by like two hours after I received the Air. Yes, I am a huge Apple fanboy. Yes, they’ve made a mint off me from my old Apple ][ GS. But it’s only gotten better and better with time. And I love a wireless device that I’m free to use wherever I wish all day long, and only need to plug in for recharge when I’m heading to bed. 

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Larry Luder said...

I finally got tire of poking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Tab E that I got as hand me downs. I recently got the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and am loving the keyboard. I still keep my Dell 2TB laptop around basically for downloading videos and pictures. I suppose I could load them on the cloud but I don't. And I use it sometimes for Zoom because of the 17 inch screen. I think laptops will surely be a thing of the past.