18 December 2020

AND a nice vacation...

...hopefully begins today. Finished up my podcast through January the 7th. I’ll be back to writing on January 4th. 

I’ve decided to try to try a new workflow with the new year. My standard goal has been six shows written and recorded per week. But I’ve spread them out a bit, and so often was writing on days that I also had to go in to record. And some weeks we didn’t get that many either recorded or written.

Come January the plan is to write only on the days I am staying home (Mondays and Thursdays), save for any Issues’ show which will be written the day I record them (we don’t usually record till 11, which gives me plenty of time in the morning before I head in, and then the data is fresh in the mind!). I’ll have two recording days for the podcast but will ONLY be recording on those days (not writing). 

We’ll have to see if it actually works the way I plan. I hope it does, because if we’re able to maintain this schedule and pace, I should be able to actually build up a decent store of extra shows (one extra per week; every five weeks, one extra week done) so that by the time Christmas vacation rolls around, for instance, it will not be preceded by too hectic a writing and recording schedule for the two months prior: the usual schedule should basically do the job (at least for the podcast). 

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