14 April 2021

Work Flow

It’s a term I learned from the corporate world, but it’s accurate. There’s a flow to work. How it normally is processed. My normal workflow includes:

Every week day: Blogging (weekends are bonus); exercising (these days, 1000 pushups a week with 100 pull ups, and some HIIT on Saturdays).

Mondays: Record Issues Show; write 1 podcast for The Word Endures.
Tuesday: Write two podcasts for The Word Endures; send off three podcast scripts; write up following week’s promo
Wednesday: Record three podcasts for The Word Endures; write one podcast for The Word Endures
Thursday: Write two podcasts for The Word Endures. Send off three podcast scripts.
Friday: Record three podcasts for The Word Endures; write script for next Issues show.
Saturday: (generally) assist at the Saturday liturgy
Sunday: (generally) assist at the early liturgy. 

Rinse and repeat! In general, this gives me six podcasts per week plus one Issues’ show. Sometimes there are additional things, such as articles for Issues Etc. Journal or prepping for sermons or various public speaking engagements, or videos to do when introducing a new Biblical book. Still, all in all, that is the work flow of my typical week. Across the weeks it allows a build up in shows (very gradually), that permits vacations and such, here and there, throughout the year. I always have grand dreams of building up to a month’s worth of podcasts; but it has never happened. Usually just enough are recorded to cover the next absence. Sigh. Maybe by Christmas?

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Unknown said...

I am incredibly blessed by your work so thank you! I listen daily to The Word of the Lord Endures Forever and I am currently ready Thank, Serve, Obey. I just ordered The Daily Treasury of Prayer after reading you describe it. Sounds like a great resource. I came out of a charismatic church a few years ago and now attend a reformed type church but I am extremely interested in Lutheranism. There is a good Lutheran church about 50 minutes away and I plan on checking it out. I am currently in quarantine with my family so once we are clear we will make the drive. God bless you for all you do it is feeding my soul!