13 September 2021

Ah, Mondays…

Cin and I were up by 5:30 and getting coffee going. Had a cup and then prayed Treasury together, and then off to our individual prayers (I pray a version of Matins with some assist from Lutheran Prayer Companion). We went outside and watched a very red sunrise. Then I did my workout (24 pullups, 24 45 lb. KB swings, 200 pushups) as I listened to more of 1 Chronicles and then grabbed a quick shower. One more cup of java enjoyed out on our front porch with the sun well up and no longer reddish. Then set to work: a reading from Luther; the assigned portion for the day of The Book of Concord; blogged for tomorrow and then wrote a podcast (today I wrote for Sept. 29th). I walked for five miles around town and out into the country (see pic). Then off to the studio (with a stop at Starbucks for more coffee) to record an Issues show on the hymn “Lord of Glory, You Have Bought Us” with Todd. Todd and I have had such joy over the years talking theology, hymnody, liturgy, and such! Jeff also gave me my assignment for next week: a show on the upcoming feast of St. Michael’s and All Angels. SWEET! Came home for a bite of lunch (ribeye and two eggs! YUM!), and thank you Cindi for having it ready to go! Then up to St. Paul’s school for my new favorite part of the day: teaching the kids my class, The Words of Jesus: Writ in Red. We sang “Baptized into Your Name Most Holy” and then reviewed last week with St. Peter’s confession that the disciples aren’t about to leave Jesus, because HE has “the words of eternal life.” We blitzed our way through Matthew 1 and 2, to get to the actual words of Jesus in chapters 3 and 4. We closed with a hymn the students picked out: “Thine the Amen!” Then back home to pray Vespers. Need to finish up an article for the Issues Etc. Journal too. A full and yet decidedly delightful day. I am so unspeakably blessed in that such is the course of a day, focused on the most important thing in all the world: the Word of God! Thank you, Lord, for such a calling and for all Your good gifts!

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