25 September 2021

Something we noticed…

…about our zero-carb (carnivorous) way of eating, is that we occasionally miss favorite foods that we associate with particular times of the year. An emotional tug, not really a tug of hunger, since we always enjoy our meals and eat to the full. Lauren shared a cookbook for the kids (Maria Emmrich “Sugar Free Kids”) that we found interesting. It’s actually Keto, but easily adapted. So we tried one that looked promising: porridge. This porridge (two servings) is basically 4 eggs whisked together with 2/3 cup of heavy cream, a pat of butter, and seasonings (salt, cinnamon, vanilla extract or maple extract). The original also called for a sweetener, but we have long since given up eating sweet things. Just throw it together over low heat and stir with wooden spoon until curds form throughout. It’s…AMAZING! We loved it so much that we made yesterday and again today. Its texture is indeed pure porridge; its flavor is delicious; and better than grain-based porridge, this thing really does fill you up!

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