06 September 2021

Eating out

Eating out as committed zero-carbers is a breeze. Today, after a wee bit of shopping at Fresh Thyme and Hobby Lobby, we were planning on heading down to Outback, only to discover the one we thought was nearest to us must have closed. So we ended up at Longhorn. ¡No problema! Cindi ordered herself a 22 oz Porterhouse (bone in); I ordered the 12 oz ribeye, but also had a very tasty 1/2 lb cheeseburger as a side. That’s it, except for some soda water and a cup of coffee; and the restaurant totally got the order right. No veg on our plates! And the meat was cooked to perfection (still red in the center with a nice char on the outside). Was it ever delicious. And my wife, of course, never lets a silly little thing like etiquette get in the way of her enjoying every last bit of meat (and marrow) off that bone. We didn’t leave till our plates were completely empty and that bone was picked clean!


Nancy said...

No more food for the rest of the day?

William Weedon said...

Actually no! Neither of us was hungry come evening.