13 September 2021

To quote the Carol: “Tidings of Comfort and Joy” indeed…

…this latest from master hymn-writer and Lutheran pastor Kurt Reinhardt. Is not this the most comforting hymn for those who are facing down the death of their dear ones?

Forever Bound by Endless Love

Forever bound by endless love,
That flows eternally above
And binds the Father to the Son
With God’s own Spirit three in one.

The Saints shall not be torn apart;
They’re joined together heart to heart
By love that sent God’s own Son down
To wear the cross’s thorny crown.

Death’s dark divide love did defeat
When nails did pierce Christ’s hands and feet;
He filled it’s chasm with God’s life
And ended sin’s dividing strife.

When on this world we close our eyes,
And rise with Christ to heaven’s skies,
We leave behind no loved ones dear;
In Christ we are forever near.

As one Church gathers ‘round the Lamb
In worship of the Lord, I AM,
The love of God in cup and bread
Unite the Living with the dead.

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