21 October 2006


Sister-in-law, Deb, and brother-in-law, Doug drove out Cindi's parent's van this week. They arrived before dinner on Thursday and left this afternoon. How to summarize the time together?

Unpacking. Liverpool. Shrimp and Talapia. Conversations. Concordia Seminary - bookstore and chapels. Olympia for flaming cheese and other nummies. Pinochle. Doug fixing TV's at Jo and Dave's and at our house. Deb cooking sausage and eggs in the a.m. Amusing ourselves with terrorizing Lucy with THE EVIL THING (aka, the vaccuum).

Too short, but was great to see them again.


oratiomom said...

Lucy will get her revenge...I hear she's a Detroit fan deep down!

William Weedon said...

Ack! Surely not! Well, I wouldn't be surprised. That little hound has a mind of her own. : )

FatherDMJ said...

Is there truly anything cooler than pouring brandy on cheese and screaming "OPA!"?

I think not.

Saganaki is a very good thing.

William Weedon said...

Fr. Dave,

Ain't that great? I LOVE that cheese. We only got one order and split it between the four of us, but I could easily woof down the whole thing all my self. Someday I just may sneak in there by myself and do that.

FatherDMJ said...

Let me know when you do and I'll "sneak" over there with you.

Two separate orders, of course. One shouldn't stand in the way of the other's saganaki.


DebD said...

That cheese was fantastic.

You forgot the Orthodox bookstore. That will definitely need a return visit.


William Weedon said...

OOPS! Can't forget Photini and Archangels!!! Always a joy to visit and shop there - or just stand around and listen to the music.