22 October 2006


So, one of my wife's on-line friends from Detroit was rude enough to say something along these lines:

"Well, you know what cats do with birds before they kill them. They play with them, and then eat them."

We'll see. These birds might end up like Tweedy Bird yet!


Nan said...

we just want to win it at home...just laying back, biding our time.
Don't you have a sermon to go preach?

FatherDMJ said...

Excuse me, but did the bandwagon go past New Gehlenbeck?

Obviously so, because Weedon is on it.

Some of us have moved on to more refined fall and winter sports...like professional bowling!

Thank you, ESPN, for PBA bowling!

William Weedon said...


Actually I did NOT have a sermon to go and preach; the Associate Pastor preached today - he's the Head Master of our school and the children sang, so he got to preach.

Fr. Dave,

Bandwagon? You mean the victory march? ; )

Chaz said...

I happen to know that Fr. Juhl has SCUDs pointed at Busch Stadium... and you know how accurate SCUDs are. They could hit you.

girliefriend said...

Rude eh? Just speaking fact my friend. The Tigers are sure to be scattering those red feathers from here to St. Louis. GO TIGERS!!!

William Weedon said...

SEE WHAT I MEAN? Rude indeed! ; )