19 October 2006

Hey, Fenton!



Chaz said...

Yeah... Like YOU care. ;-)

I'm with Fenton on this one. I'm a sucker for the underdog/phoenix.

William Weedon said...

Hey, I watched the play-off games. I am definitely a fair-weather friend to the Cards. : )

FatherDMJ said...

%$^&*#(&% Cardinals.


No aid and comfort to the enemy.


Rev. David M. Juhl
(self-appointed President of "Cubs Fans for Detroit Tigers" Club)

William Weedon said...

Fr. Juhl! I am scandalized!!!!

Jimbo said...

I have to admit, I'm shocked that William knows anything about baseball.
and more than that, I have to admit I am rooting hard for the Cards! after all these years in Cardinal Nation - the redbirds have wormed their way into my wee-little heart... Mind you, not enough to replace the Dodgers. I still bleed blue (and that has nothing to do with local hockey.) But the Cards are firmly #3 - after the Angels formerly known as California and Anaheim. But because of the 80s I HATED the Cardinals, so saying they are #3 is saying a LOT.
(Now you all know that William has no idea what I'm talking about here.)

Chris Jones said...

We have a saying here in New England:

I have two favorite teams: the Boston Red Sox; and whoever beats the Yankees.

That is plenty of basis for me to say GO TIGERS!

Chaz said...

I cheered for the Cardinals against the Mets because I hate the Yankees.

Since the Mets play in the same city (albeit not the same borough) as the Yankees, I hate the Mets.

But even though I am an occasional Cardinals fan, I am cheering for the Tigers on the basis of pure works righteousness. They've gotten to the World Series the Old Fashioned Way... they've earned it.

FatherDMJ said...

You shouldn't be scandalized, William.

I can never bring myself to root for the Cardinals.


I rooted against them in 2004. My favorite moment of the whole season was watching the Red Sox celebrate at "old" Busch Stadium while Joe Buck (dying a thousand deaths on the inside) said "The Red Sox have swept the Cardinals and are World Series Champions".

Now THAT'S a great baseball moment.


fr john w fenton said...

"Tigers maul Cardinals in local Coleseum."

How's that for an ancient headline.


FatherDMJ said...

I am sorry for my foolish remarks made above.

Our Lord entreats us to love our enemies. My words do not reflect how our Lord Jesus Christ would want us to behave...even toward something as worldly as baseball teams.

I beg your forgiveness.

I wish the St. Louis Cardinals well in the World Series.

Thank you.

William Weedon said...

Ah, Chaz, how the opinio legis sticked glued to our ribs till death. You really MUST learn to revel in GRACE when you see it. : )

William Weedon said...

Fr. Fenton,

Is that your definition of mauled? ; )

DebD said...

Hey, I'll root for anyone that can beat those &!#$! Yankees!