24 October 2006

Worship With Angels and Archangels

So you haven't got a decent idea WHAT to give that 7-15 year old for Christmas this year? Well, your prayers have been answered. Order them a copy of *Worship with Angels and Archangels: An Introduction to the Divine Service.* Recently published by CPH, and written by Scot Kinnaman with illustrations by Arthur Kirchhoff, this puppy is awesome. It talks you through the Divine Service with beautiful illustrations along the way. It helps unpack the liturgical logic, the links that hold the service together. And from start to finish it stresses the Confessional definition of liturgy as God's service to us that enlivens us for praise and thanksgiving to Him and service to our neighbor. Come to think of it, maybe you all should order one for some of our PASTORS - just joking. They got it for free. I hope they read it!

One more CPH homerun in a year of CPH homeruns!

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Scot K. said...

Thanks for the mention and the kudos Will. This was a great project of which to be a part--not only working with the texts, but working with Art Kirchhoff as well. To be able to surround the text of the liturgy with beautiful representations of the litugy, to work with him and see my ideas come to life, and see his mind work, and some things I would not have thought of--all great fun.

You pegged the primary age group very accurately, 7-15 years old. I tried to write carefully enough that "entry-level" adults would not feel that they where being talked down to in either the text or the art. Some pastors who have read the book have said that they are going to use it in adult information classes. I am very interested to see how it is accepted in that setting.

Thanks again.

Scot K.

Brian said...

Unfortunately, you were only joking about the "buying the book for them" part of your comment - not the implication of them gleaning some positives from it!

If that's so, I second your comment!