31 October 2006

Oh, another goodie to Guess Who

The second reason he came is so that he would abrogate in an even more just manner the sentence of death, which he had imposed with justice. God wanted to fulfill his own statute by suffering, so that he would not enforce it by a command, as he himself says: "I have come not to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it." God's promise of good things for good people is unreliable, if what has been established by God for the wicked comes to nothing. "Not a single letter," he says, "not a dot of the Law will pass away, until all these things occur." Whoever is wise has knowlege of what is revealed here; let the one who perceives it understand.



oratiomom said...

Alright already! No comments and I can't find it...who is it?!!!

William Weedon said...

LOL. My favorite preacher among the Fathers - St. Peter Chrysologus! Juicy one, eh?