20 February 2007

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

Moreover, let us not show a lust for controversy, nor an inclination for disputing, an impudence to argue, a desire to win, nor a foolish longing to show off one's wisdom, but rather a mind desirous of the truth, a humble spirit, and a heart which fears God, so that in God's sight and with His Word leading us we may depend on the word of His mouth alone and not pervert the things which He has revealed to us in Scripture according to the norm and measure of our reason, but humbly and firmly embrace them in the obedience of faith. - Martin Chemnitz, *Two Natures* p. 258


Mimi said...

Pastor, as we enter into Lent, please forgive me my offenses.

William Weedon said...

Mimi, I know of none to forgive, but rejoicing in the forgiveness in which we live under Christ, I forgive you. And I ask you to do the same for me, especially for the times my words have not had the spirit Chemnitz described above - which is way, way too often.