21 February 2007

St. Paul's - Ready for Lent

Worshipping in this place is always a joy. It is downright iconic: the muted rush of the highway against the calm peace of eternity. An inviting place for weary pilgrims to come in, pray, rest, and be refreshed with heavenly gifts.


The Terrible Swede said...

Kung Fu Master Weedon, I am very suprised that your church has no visible crucifix.

And where are you icons?

Our shrinky dink church under Kung Fu Master Brockman has more crucifixes and icons than you can shake a stick at.

William Weedon said...

LOL, Ron! St. Paul's does have some icons, but they are not in the sanctuary. The large panels on the front wall and the statue above the altar serve as our icons, if you will. The OLD St. Paul's had a very small crucifix upon the altar, but I've not been able to trace what became of it. Someday for a memorial gift we might get a corpus for the cross. That would be very nice indeed. Give Pastor Brockman my greetings!