26 March 2007


There is something wondrous about celebrating in the very heart of Lent the Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord. What a reminder that the Eternal Word of the Father came among us, took on flesh for us, precisely so that in that flesh He might die, and in that way destroy death's power forever. One also notes the complete harmony between the Blessed Mother's "Let it be to me" and her holy Son's prayer in the Garden: "Thy will be done."

The hymn assigned as the Hymn of the Day for this feast in LSB is 356, The Angel Gabriel:

The angel Gabriel from heaven came,
With wings as drifted snow, with eyes as flame:
"All hail to thee, O lowly maiden Mary,
Most highly favored Lady." Gloria!

"For know a blessed mother thou shalt be
All generations laud and honor thee;
Thy Son shall be Emmanuel by seers foretold,
Most highly favored Lady." Gloria!

Then gentle Mary meekly bowed her head;
"To me be as it pleaseth God," she said.
"My soul shall laud and magnify God's holy name."
Most highly favored Lady, Gloria!

Of her, Emmanuel, the Christ, was born,
In Bethlehem all on a Christmas morn,
And Christian folk throughout the world will ever say,
"Most highly favored Lady." Gloria!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I recognize that picture.


Mimi said...

Happy Feast Day! (or day after the feast day, as the case may be)

Eric Phillips said...

First time I heard that hymn, I was in college and not yet a Lutheran. It was Christmas Eve, and I had a rock station on, listening for those few Christmas "gems" that pop music has to offer (e.g. the Kinks' "Father Christmas" and the McKenzie Brothers "Twelve Days of Christmas") when lo and behold, here comes Sting with an ethereally beautiful song to the Virgin Mary. I had no idea it was a hymn. I figured Sting wrote it. Then I figured he must be a Roman Catholic of some kind.

Imagine my surprise--and excitement--10 years later when I opend the LW Hymnal Supplement and found myself singing "Sting" at the Christmas Eve service!

William Weedon said...


Yes, I bet you do.


Thanks and blessings on the completion of Lent and the enjoyment of Holy Pascha!


I first learned the song because the seminary choir sang it one Advent season (and was it ever fun to sing in that!). A friend of mine, Pastor Pete Hoft, first mentioned to me that Sting had sung it - and I went and hunted that down. I love Sting (I'm a sucker for Fields of Barley - makes me want to cry each time I hear it), and was astounded at what a fine job he did with the piece. We sang it this a.m. at Lutheran High and the kids did a great job with it.

Eric Phillips said...

> I'm a sucker for Fields of Barley

"Fields of Gold," you mean?

Yeah, that's a good one. My favorite thing from Sting is The Soul Cages, though--the whole album.

Did you find his "Angel Gabriel" on an album, or as an isolated MP3? I'd be curious to know what album that was on.

William Weedon said...

Downloaded from iTunes - is there ANOTHER way to buy music in the 21st century??? :)