24 March 2007

The Moment Has Arrived...

...Bekah, my lovely baby, had her Sweet 16th last week. On Wednesday to be exact. She's the little one in that picture - taken on Prince Edward Island many moons on ago. She celebrated in the normal way: she had her mom drive her into school early and then went to take her driving test. SHE PASSED! And so she has her license. And we just got her car back from the shop today. She's ready and set to go. An era thus ends in our life as our parents: no more chauffeuring. It's been a LONG time coming, but now at last, all our kids are driving and each one has a vehicle. Now, if only we can keep those vehicles going until they are safely out of the house and on their own.

But how did my little Bekah turn 16? I remember like yesterday the day Cindi went into labor with her. It was a typical March day in NC. We walked the streets of Mebane beneath countless dogwood blossoms, as her contractions grew nearer. You see, Bekah was going to be a bit of an experiment. Cindi had had two c-sections. She was convinced, though, that the doctors were rushing her and that she could deliver just fine in the way God intended. So she hired a birth coach and went to midwives.

Understand, please. Lauren was 9.5. David was 9.15. Then there was Bekah. When the child finally came out - naturally and after intense labor - she weighed, YES, 11.10. Her placenta didn't even fit on the tray they used to carry them away. She was HUGE. I asked Cindi: "Was it worth it?" Meaning, the VBAC. She insisted that it was. Being the daddy, I wasn't entirely convinced. But I was delighted with our little girl.

I took her for a ride to visit Miss Ruby the first day she and Cindi were home. Miss Ruby took one look at her and exclaimed: "That poor child!" meaning CINDI! I tell you, Bekah was HUGE. It's funny now. She's downright petite.

She's on band/choir tour till tomorrow night. I've been informed that as soon as she gets home she's heading out somewhere in her car - all by herself. Just because she can. When did she get so grown up???

O God, keep your angels on guard duty for her as she drives and protect her always! Amen.


Anonymous said...

I remember that day. You were so proud of Cindi. That was such a difficult pregnancy, I know Cindi was so happy to have it OVER.

And Becka was a butterball when she was born - but it didn't last long. I don't remember her being a chubby baby.


William Weedon said...

Yes, and I'll never forget your kindness in showing up 8 months pregnant yourself to help your poor brother-in-law run herd on two toddlers who just couldn't get why Mommy had to lay in bed all the time! It WAS a triumph for Cindi to pull it off. And one of the most important saying I ever heard in my entire life came from the experience.

Cindi said to the midwife "I don't think I can take it anymore." And the midwife said back to her: "you're taking it now, and it's not going to get any worse."

How many times when God is pushing us to the absolute limit and we cry out: "We can't take it anymore!" that word comes back to comfort!