24 March 2007

Now if only we had the organ back...

...yes, we're STILL waiting for that. Went out in December as a result of water damage by the ice storm. Now at least the organ company is on site and working each day. Maybe within the next two months.

But so many things have gotten easier around here! First, instead of hiring a new person to replace our beloved Marianne, the Church extended the job to our school secretary, Joanie. She's been unbelievable! Very speedy worker, mega organized, and great at keeping the pastor in line.

Then, to help out Joanie, the Church "purchased" a folding machine. The quotes are because we TRIED to purchase it, but the company kept delaying our order. Finally, after our treasurer threatened to pull the order and go elsewhere, they GAVE us the folding machine. Yup. For free. It really is a time saver!

Of course, the use of LSB has made bulletin publication easier, because it's such a simple hymnal to use that there is zero need to print out the whole of the liturgy. That saves us both time and energy.

THEN, Pastor GeRue (our Headmaster and associate pastor) met with the Trustees and did the research to show that we'd actually SAVE money with a new copy machine. The Voters approved it on Monday and it arrived this past Thursday. It prints on both sides at once, and even collates. And its instructions are easy enough that even YOU KNOW WHO was able to follow them and not screw up. And who said miracles had ended???

Taken all together, the result is that we're putting together the church's publications at a faster rate than ever. I can just HEAR what Marianne would say to us about getting all the toys when she is no longer here to use them!

But the organ remains the last piece of a return to some semblance of normality for the parish. You wouldn't believe how the singing has died. St. Paul's was known as a singing parish. The people belted the music out. Marianne always said that you have to get behind them with the organ and PUSH the sound out. And push she did. Well, week by week without the organ, the singing has grown quieter and quieter. It's not that we don't have great music: Diane, Millie, and Kristie have all done a SUPER job. But the clavinova just does not have the UMPH that the organ had. I am SOOOOOO looking forward to that first liturgy with the organ again!!!

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Brian Davis said...

Speaking of organs, the parish I belong to has in storage an old organ from the Concordia Semimary-StL chapel. I'm not sure how long ago it was purchased but now that our new sanctuary in near completed (or to be architectually correct - our sanctuary and nave) it should be coming out of hiding.