10 March 2007

The Intercessions*

We come to You, Holy Father, with praise and thanksgiving, through Jesus Christ, Your Son. Through Him we ask You to accept and bless the prayers and gifts we offer. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Remember, Lord, Your holy church. Watch over her and guide her. Grant her peace and unity throughout the world. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Remember, Lord, all pastors and servants of the Church. Grant them to hold and teach the faith that comes to us from the apostles. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Remember, Lord, and bless the schools of the Church, including our own. Grant that our children may grow in wisdom and faith each day. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Remember, Lord, our President, our public servants, and all in our armed forces. Guide, bless, protect and uphold them in honor. Bring all nations into the ways of peace and justice. In Your kindness and love, grant us seasonable weather and an abundance of the fruits of the earth. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Remember, Lord, all who suffer for Your name, all who are in prison, the hungry and ill-clad, the poor and the lonely, those who travel, and all who cry out to You in time of need, especially your servants... Take them under Your tender care and grant them a happy release from their afflictions. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Remember, Lord, all who are gathered here before You, our living and true God. We pray for our well-being and redemption. Grant us Your peace in this life, save us from final damnation, and count us among Your chosen flock. Though we are sinners we trust in Your mercy and love. Do not consider what we truly deserve but grant us Your forgiveness. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Holy Father, in communion with the whole Church we give You thanks for Your saints, in whom You have given us a mirror of Your mercy and grace. We praise You especially for the Blessed Virgin Mary, for Joseph her husband, for John the Baptist, Peter and Paul, and all Your martyrs. Give us grace to walk before you with faith like theirs and grant us some share in their heavenly fellowship. Lord, in Your mercy, Hear our prayer!

Lord God, in Your unfailing mercy and love You have graciously given us the holy Supper of Your Son. As now we prepare to receive His Gifts, stir up our minds to the salutary remembrance of Your benefits and to true and unending thanksgiving.

Aid us, Your ministers and Your people, that by this Mystery of the new and eternal Testament, we may recall how Your Son offered Himself upon the altar of the cross for us -- a Ransom pure, holy, and undefiled - so that, rejoicing in His resurrection from the dead and His ascension into heaven, we may joyfully await His coming in glory.

And we beg You to bless and sanctify by Your Holy Spirit’s power the bread and wine we bring before You that they become for us, through our Savior’s Words, His true Body and Blood, the nourishment of eternal life. Grant that receiving them in faith, we may be filled with every grace and blessing, through Christ our Lord.

Through Him and with Him and in Him in the unity of the Holy Spirit all glory and honor is Yours, almighty Father, forever and ever. Amen!
*This form of intercession is based largely upon the Roman Canon which, I believe, makes an outstanding intercession but not the greatest Eucharistic prayer. The concluding petitions are based upon the Red Book, promulgated under the authority of King John III of Sweden in the 16th century.


Past Elder said...

Pastor, where does this come from?

Sounds a version of the version of the Te igitur in -- relying on memory here, and it's been a long time -- the third "Eucharistic Prayer" (Vatican II speak for canon, a term which may well by now carry an automatic ban of excommunication lol) in the novus ordo missae.

William Weedon said...

Past elder,

Yes, it is the Te Igitur and much of what follows. Check the asterisk at the end of the pryaer for more details.

Past Elder said...

I must have clicked in mid post!

The wording of roughly the first half of it seems word for word (relying on memory again, I may still have the novus ordo around here someplace but then again maybe I found a more fitting use for it some week when I ran out of kitty litter) Eucharistic Prayer III from the novus ordo.

This is the maddening thing about the novus ordo -- even when it supposedly retains the historic liturgy, it doesn't. The Council didn't just translate the liturgy into the vernacular. It promulgated an entirely new liturgy, in Latin, and translated THAT into the vernacular. Which is the whole point of the traditionalist Catholic movement -- not the language, but the liturgy. Eucharistic Prayer III is not the traditional Roman Canon. It is a new canon. It is based on the Roman Canon, but it is a "lite" version of it, and it replaces the actual Roman Canon which is now nowhere found in the Roman missal while this parody passes itself off as the Roman Canon.

This is not in any way to knock the Intercessions you have presented, btw. It is an excellent intercessory prayer.

My point is rather about the sources.

Rev. David M. said...

Thank you for posting the "canon prayer"!