20 March 2007

Two Helpful Resources

A friend recently inquired about any helps on the net for preaching and using the historic one-year lectionary. There are two resources that I think are quite helpful and would recommend. For preaching, the incomparable lectionary central:

click here

For musical settings of the propers of LSB, liturgy solutions:

click here

In either of these spots, you'll find some fabulous resources for preaching and using the Western Church's historic lectionary. Enjoy!

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Matt said...

Pr. Weedon,

I appreciate those helps...I recently e-mailed another pastor asking for helps for the one-year lectionary, as I'm strongly inclined to switch to it after this church year.

My biggest fear is cutting my ties with the "Lectionary at Lunch" resource on the CSL website. More often than not, it's been a huge help!

Blessed Lententide,
Matt Ruesch
Garrison, MN