28 March 2007

Re-evaluating the Conflated Passion

Tonight we finished reading through the [conflated] Passion of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ at the Midweek Vespers. I have to confess that, while there were things that I did not like about putting the story together like that, it was really wonderful in the end that those who attended the whole series did not miss out on a single loving act that our Lord performed to save them. I am not entirely persuaded, but I am rather inclined to do the same thing next year and on into the future. I notice also how attentive the people were to the reading. It has a way of simply drawing you in - no two ways about it. I think our people could do a lot worse than hearing this tremendous story unfolded for them each year.


fr john w fenton said...

Depending on the lectionary, those who attend the Mass on Palm Sunday, Holy Tuesday, Holy Wednesday and Good Friday will also not miss a loving act of Our Lord's Passion and will have the added benefit of hearing the words of each evangelist in their respective contexts.


William Weedon said...

True, true. But sadly... We have had a lot more folks following along on the Lenten Midweek Vespers than we have a hope of attending the Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday services. Though I trust most will come on Good Friday to hear the St. John passion. I would LOVE to be surprised, though, and have a bumper crowd show up on Monday morning. :)

Chaz said...

As I said this morning at Redeemer, if Fenton dislikes it, that's at least one good reason to do it.


Feeling ornery,