04 December 2007


I purchased today a stand-alone version of Windows XP (I'd been warned against Vista) that allowed me finally finish my complete transition to this MacBook. Whew. So far, it's working fabulously. My only gripe is that while most documents print fine from Parallels, the bulletins created for the church on LSB Builder do not. Somehow or other the printer is getting the message they're going on an 8.5 X 11 when it's really an 8.5 X 14, so the top part is then cropped off. Grr. I've tried various settings and have gotten nowhere. No big deal. The files are fine and I can carry them over to the Church's computer and they print superb there. Still, it would be nice to get them to work at home. I'll likely keep worrying at it. Google did not yield much help this time. Getting all that set up took much of the morning, but the afternoon was productive and bulletins were finally handed off to the amazing Joanie (Church Secretary extraordinaire!). In fact, Parallels is working so well that I decided to drop plans to install on Bootcamp. I deleted the partition I'd made for that, and so I have more storage than I anticipated having. Yeah!


Augustinian Successor said...

Dear Pastor Weedon, about Josh's apparent disillusionment with confessional Lutheranism as expressed in the LCMS and his snide remarks, maybe at the heart his PIETY, he's still Reformed? I'm Reformed but my sacramental and liturgical leanings are (confessional) Lutheran, because by the grace of God alone, I understand that salvation is extra nos. It is precisely that salvation is extra nos, that the Cross comes to us through the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church. This means that preaching must be sacramental, and therefore connected with Baptism and the Lord's Supper because ALL are means of grace. Extra nos: The external Word proclaimed applies the Cross to me, Baptism applies the Cross to me, the Lord's Supper applies the Cross to me.

Perhaps, Josh only understood the form but never the substance of the Divine Service - Gottesdienst -GOD'S SERVICE! The SACRAMENTS and the LITURGY are God's gifts to His Church, to be received in joy and thankfulness.

Maybe Josh S is a crypto-SYNERGIST IN sanctification which is to say that he is Reformed at heart?? ;-)

Augustinian Successor said...

Having said this, I like visiting Josh's blog. He has a sharp and the knack of presenting things clearly, in a down-to-earth way, and wittily!

Christopher Esget said...

Re. LSB bulletin printing: It may be the version of Word you are using (if that's how you're printing them). We had a similar problem, solved by using Word 2003 instead of the previous version.

Sam said...

What is your "workflow" Pastor Weedon for creating the bulletins? Do you print directly from the Builder, or is there another step?

It may not hurt to e-mail the LSB developer (unless you have already done so). I'm pretty sure one of their test machines is a Mac, running boot camp. They may have run into this issue. I'll shoot you the guys name offline.

BLDavis said...
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BLDavis said...

Pr. Weedon (and other Mac users...Pr. McCain?)

I am heading off today, hopefully, to return an un-opened HP laptop and then head over to pick up a Macbook. I really know zilch about Mac's or their OS but I am ready to try something different. I am looking at the mid-level Macbook with 120 hardrive and 1GB memory that I will probably bump up.

My only concerns are the small 13 inch screen and maybe the wanting more hard drive space.

Just curious, which Mac's do you guys use? Any questions that you guys wish you would have asked when buying yours but didn't? Any item you wish you would have had upgraded or added but didn't that I should think about?


tgeek said...

About your printing:

Are you printing from you Windows or from Mac? I've seen several instances of this happening with HP Laserjet Printers on Windows machines and the only cure is a complete reinstall of the printer and it's drivers.


Anonymous said...

^ LOL, that's what problem always seems to boil down to! People come into my office and ask why I have two printers, I tell them its because one of them is an HP.

Seriously though, printer software [particularly HP] will limit the printable margins, just as much as the word processing program will.

Rev. Al Bergstrazer

Josh S said...

Pr Weedon installs Windows on his Macbook. This inherent contradiction obviously caused a rift in the fabric of the universe.

Because that's the only rational explanation for someone commenting about my insufficient appreciation for the SACRAMENTS and the LITURGY in a post about Windows XP.

By the way, if you write SACRAMENTS and LITURGY in all caps, you get 400 days' indulgence for each capital letter.

Pr. Scott Klemsz said...

I've found that you really don't need to upgrade the Mac beyond the standard base unless you are doing high end graphics or your a video junkie. I have a 5 year old eMac and it's still plugging along. (Really wouldn't mind upgrading, but tough to justify when it has yet to crash, ever!) I have a 12" Power Book that I upgraded the RAM to 1 gig. It's 4 years old. My Mac Mini in my study is brand new, basic configuration and cranking it out. Macs are almost as good as Lutheran theology!

William Weedon said...


I suspect that neither of us know Josh well enough to comment.


A rift in the universe, a disturbance in the force, not doubt. Or anti-matter/matter explosion. I'm really more of an original trekky than a Star Wars fellow. I still think its mega sweet that my cell phone resembles Captain Kirk's communicator. ;)


You will enjoy your MacBook, I suspect. If you're not doing high end graphics, I wouldn't put out for the MacBook Pro. The MacBook, though, does great with the higher end version. I'd go for that one myself. And don't forget to pick up a copy of Parallels. I don't think you'll be disappointed at all.


I don't understand how PC drivers work and all. I might try getting another printer and having it be dedicated to the PC side. Or I may just get used to carrying the file over to the Church and printing it out there. No biggy really.

Paul T. McCain said...

What Macs do I use? This is a confession, I guess, of complete obession.

Our family has:

24" iMac 2.8 Dual Core 2 Extreme
MacBook Pro
Three MacBooks

I have, at work, a PowerBook and a 24" iMac on which I run Parallels and Windows XP.

Paul T. McCain said...

Oh, I forgot about our old iMac upstairs, I mean, really old, one of those funky shaped models in a weird blue color. Still works like a charm. I've never had a Mac actually stop working. I had my Mac SE working perfectly for 12 years and just stopped using it.

Paul T. McCain said...

I've reached a certain age where I can give advice with a degree of confidence that I never had when I was in my twenties and thirties.

What to get when buying a Mac?

I'll simply say this:

There is no such thing as:

1) Too much memory.
2) To large a hard drive.

And on the Mac, using OS 10.5 Leopard, in which you will have the joy of "Time Machine," you really need to have an external hard drive to back up your system easily.

I'm also a big believer in getting the largest display you can afford.

Paul T. McCain said...

Oh, by the way, Josh S. is entirely correct on the

Paul T. McCain said...

Whoops...Josh S. is entirely correct on the aversion to antinomianism at work in our Synod these days!

BLDavis said...

OK. I am cruising on my new Macbook. I got the white one with a 2GB drive and 2GB memory. I'll boost the memory in time and I think the drive space will be sufficient for now.

I think going through the set-up process was half of the fun!