29 January 2008

In case you were wondering...

...at 2 p.m. here in Hamel it was 64. By 3 p.m. it was 33. Though most of that drop occurred in 1/2 hour's time. And the temp is still dropping. Wild and wooly wind out today!


Jimbo said...

we had hail down this way... to the disappointment of Miss Emma... she thought it was snow and was all ready to go out and play

Mark said...

No sympathy for you. It's 15 below here and the wind chill is 45 below.

Your 33 above is practically balmy!

William Weedon said...


Sorry Miss Emma was disappointed, but did you get snow later (at least a dusting)? We did. But by then the wind made it impossible to go outside and play, I suspect.


Yes, but you live in Minnesota and so you LOVE this kind of weather. You've probably got your ice-fishing hut already for tomorrow. ;)

elephantschild said...

Ice over here on the flip side of the state.

Lost about 10 degrees in about an hour this evening & my Dh's car looked like a North Sea crabbing boat when he got home from work.

I'm not actually complaining because the cold temps now mean less bugs in my garden come July.

Jimbo said...

there was just enough snowflakes that fell amongst the sleet to swirl across the highway, but not enough for a dusting... hopefully Emma can get out to play in the white stuff on Friday
and because of the cold temps, the hail is still in our yard... I've never seen that before (but then I grew up privileged in Southern California, where my parents are getting a bit waterlogged these days)