13 January 2008

Joyous Day

What a joyous day is the Baptism of Our Lord! This morning (and last night) we were privileged to celebrate the Divine Service commemorating this joyous event - and in the mysterious way that the Liturgy makes possible, became witnesses to it ourselves.

Catechism Service begins in a less than an hour, and in a beautiful concurrence, we'll be treating once again of the greatest Theophany of the Blessed Trinity recorded in Sacred Scripture.

One hymn we did not sing today (I haven't taught them the tune yet) which absolutely captures the day, both in its text and in its joyful tune is "From God the Father" (LSB 401), an ancient Latin Office hymn:

From God the Father, virgin-born
To us the only Son came down;
By death the font to consecrate,
The faithful to regenerate.

Beginning from His throne on high,
In human flesh He came to die;
Creation by His death restored,
And shed new joys of life abroad.

Glide on, O glorious Sun, and bring
The gift of healing on Your wing;
To ev'ry dull and clouded sense
The clearness of Your light dispense.

Abide with us, O Lord, we pray;
The gloom of darkness chase away;
Your work of healing, Lord, begin
And take away the stain of sin.

Lord, once You came to earth's domain
And, we believe, shall come again;
Be with us on the battlefield,
From ev'ry harm Your people shield.

To You, O Lord, all glory be
For this, Your blest epiphany;
To God whom all His hosts adore,
And Holy Spirit evermore. Amen.
(LSB 401)

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