13 January 2008

What a Difference...

...a year makes!

This year with Easter so terribly early, we're cramped trying to finish up catechesis prior to Palm Sunday/Vigil of Easter. It will be tight and we're praying for NO snow days.

Next year, we've got all kinds of time built in. The way I figure my schedule from September to the end of March, we'll meet 24 times, but there will still be six Sundays WITHOUT the Catechism Service built into the schedule (Sausage Supper, Thanksgiving weekend, 2 weekends for Christmas break, MLK, and Superbowl).

Given the hectic pace of catechesis this year, next year looks like we might jog to the finish, rather than sprint! I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready to slow down and catch my breath.

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