26 January 2008

Yet More Catechism Services

Pastor Lehmann has been busy at work, loading these up to Youtube. Here you go:

Services 5-12. And no, I didn't get a lot taller and heftier - that was former Vicar and now Pastor Brian Holle filling in for me while I was on vacation - and doing a great job, I might add!

Catechism Service 5
Catechism Service 6
Catechism Service 7
Catechism Service 8
Catechism Service 9
Catechism Service 10
Catechism Service 11
Catechism Service 12


Susan said...
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Susan said...

J'apprécie vraiment votre réfléchi et sage prédication pleine de l'amour de Dieu et de miséricorde. Certains d'entre nous pourraient slobs pauvres meurent de faim sans votre délicieux banquets nous enseigne Écritures et catechisms. Merci beaucoup pour être un bon révérend, Seigneur Weedon. Et merci beaucoup à révérend Lehmann pour rendre ces informations disponibles

Translation fee: Please post more of your classes and bible studies! :)

William Weedon said...

Susan! FRENCH!!!!! Ick! :)

Even if what you did say was nice. Yup, I cheated and told my Mac's Dashboard widget to translate it for me. Thing is, we don't video anything but the regular Sunday and Catechism services, because all the other teaching is in the Church basement and the cameras are set up for the sanctuary.

Susan said...

You are too funny and I greatly appreciate your humor! It looks like you know how I feel when I read Lutheran academic papers and they leave in un-translated German phrases! Only I think double ICK and razzum frazzum!!! :)

Anywho, I do very much appreciate the catechism classes – c’est magnifique! If you could possibly post the videos of the Sunday sermons.....that would be a wonderful gift too!

Many thanks, Sir Weedon!

P.S. Here’s the translation from French in case your translation was rough:

“I really appreciate your thoughtful and wise preaching full of God's love and mercy. Some of us poor slobs might starve to death without your delicious banquets teaching us the scriptures and catechisms. Many thanks for being such a good pastor, Sir Weedon. And many thanks to Pastor Lehmann for making these available!”