30 January 2008

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

Those who forsake the task of proclaiming the gospel of the forgiveness of sins in order to devote themselves to a different message are in the process of rendering themselves quite useless and irrelevant as church leaders. -- Dr. Henry Hamann, *On Being a Christian* p. 121


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Not quite on this quote (at least I hope you end up not thinking of this quote) - but how do I get set up to upload my sermons on historiclectionary ? I've got an identity (confessionalgadfly) but I didn't see anywhere where I could upload stuff.

Olympiada said...

So then what is a useful and relevant church leader? Thanks for letting me ask questions of your blog. You are more tolerant than some Eastern Orthodox church leaders, far, far more tolerant.

William Weedon said...

Eric, I think you have to click the admin button and then go from there?

Olympiada, A useful and relevant church leader is one who never forgets that his office is to support and further the preaching of forgiveness.