17 January 2008

A Salt Addict

I confess: the hardest part of low-carbing for me is the salt. Cindi's a sugar addict; but I love the salt. As in chips. I love chips. And speaking of chips, the laddie must be a chip off the old block. Because when I peeked in his room today, this is what I found:

Yes, you are seeing correctly. He has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR open bags of chips gracing the room (you know, the BEDROOM about which we always said: "No food in the bedrooms!"). And the little pig even has the gall to have my favorites of all time in there: Jalapeño Crunchers. NOT FAIR. Oh, and did you happen to count how many glasses, gone AWOL from our kitchen, are gracing his desk???

P.S. And he wonders why Lucy is always trying to sneak into his room!


L P Cruz said...

Pr. Will,

We got something in common -- the salt.

We also got something in common, kids who like snacks, sneaking them in their bedrooms.

Also, getting the glasses from the kitchen and not returning them in the morning. It drives the missus mental.

We know where we get the gray hairs, it is from the kids.

But keep the genius inspired in his drawing.

He has something in common with us math guys, we also do doodles on paper, only theirs is more colorful and most of the time recognizable.


Paul T. McCain said...

Why is it that the kids' clutter kind of spreads like a fungus around the whole house, by which they leave a trail of debris wherever they go?

And why can they not bring their dishes up from the basement?

And how do you get away with posting embarrassing pictures of your son's room on your web site? My son would have a tizzy.

I see we have something else in commmon: love for Jalapeño Crunchers. Those things are totally addicting.

DebD said...


You need to make him watch an episode of How Clean is Your House on BBCAmerica. That just might cure him.

William Weedon said...

Lito and Paul,

Ah, salt. The problem is that a potato chip from a bag of crunchers is like that old MTV slogan: "Too much is never enough." Sigh.


I've not seen that show. And I'm thinking I really don't want to know the answer to the question it poses!!! Would you? ;)